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May 8

Five Craft Gifts that Mom will LOVE

What do Moms want most? Well, after a healthy and happy family, Moms most want to be reminded that they are loved and appreciated. And how best to tell and show them that? Is it going to the local card shop to pick out a card? That’s nice. But what is even better is a gift and card made with love, and thought and the hands of their own little Nanny and childones.

Crafts are a great activity for nanny to do with the kids. And arts and crafts are that much more fun when there is a special purpose in mind. Here are five crafts nanny and the kids can do together to give to Mom and that Mom will really love and cherish:

  1. Paper Flower Bouquet

Flowers are lovely but they also have a short life span once picked. Why not make flowers that will last a bit longer and that are crafted from your own hands! There are lots of materials that can be used for the petals – colourful pages from magazines, wrapping paper, construction paper or even paper decorated with messages for Mom with crayons. Make long strips and fold them over to create layered petals or cut them into heart shapes. Staple all the centers together and glue a cut-out circle or even a button in the middle. Green pipe cleaners make great stems. Finish the bouquet off by putting the flowers into a vase or wrapping them in some paper.

  1. Paper weights

Moms always seem to have lots of papers stacking up. And there always seems to be lots of action around the house that can sometimes make those papers fly! Special paperweights, made just for Mom, can solve that problem and be a constant visual reminder of just how much her kids love her. Nanny can help find medium-sized, preferably smooth rocks in the yard. Alternatively, craft stores usually have good stones that can be used to make paper weights. Either glue colourful fabric to the stone or get the paints out and decorate away. Consider putting a “M” for Mom or message like “Love you!” on top.

  1. Heart shaped cookies

Moms love cookies, Dads love cookies, nannies love cookies, kids love cookies… so make some cookies! But as this is a special occasion, make some special cookies. Heart-shaped is always extra special. And with some icing tubes, kids can put special messages just for Mom.

  1. Pasta shell necklace

What Mom doesn’t love jewelry?! And a pasta shell necklace in the jewelry box will be valued by Mom as much as any costume or precious pieces it sits alongside. Nanny can help pick some pasta from the cupboard – penne is always a good choice but using several types can also add interesting variation. Paint the pasta with paints from the crafts drawer and let them dry on some newspaper. Then string the pasta together on a piece of sturdy string, and with nanny’s help, tie it off tightly. Remember to make the necklace long enough so it can go around Mom’s neck.

  1. Art Scrapbook

Mom’s love to save all the wonderful art their kids do at school and home but often find they are busy and lack the time to put it all together. Collect ten or fifteen favourite pieces of artwork and stack them together. If they vary in sizes, paste individual pieces on large construction paper so your scrapbook is all the same size. Consider making a piece especially “commissioned” for the scrapbook. Choose a different colour of paper to make a front and back cover. Nanny can help punch holes through the stack, and kids can tie it all together with some ribbon or string.  You could also scan some art work and frame it for Mom.

And of course, you will want to make a homemade card! Nanny can help get the needed supplies together – construction or printing paper, crayons and markers, and stickers.  But the most important part of the card is the heartfelt message telling Mom how much you love her!

And for all the Dad’s out there thinking about what they can give Mom to show how much you care – consider some help in the home. Maybe someone to help with clean the house on a weekly basis or to get and stay on top of the never-ending piles of laundry? If that sounds like a good idea, you are in the right place! is a Canadian portal designed to help you find local caregivers in your area, easily and quickly. The caregiver who is right for your family is only a click away.