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Jun 9

Father’s Day: The Gift Dad Really Cherishes!

As Father’s Day rapidly approaches, kids (and Mothers!) worry about getting that perfect gift for dear old Dad – something that really showshow much they care.

Many go to the old standbys – a new tie or Soap on a Rope. Some go for the ‘big ticket’ items such as power tools or the latest offering from the Apple Store. Whilst still others will be busy Googling for the top trendy gifts for Dad this year.

Before getting too caught up in the ‘what to get’ conundrum, consider what we heard Dad’s say they really cherish the most. We conducted an informal survey, for this article, in which we asked a number of Dad’s from different walks of life – from a taxi driver to a top executive in a global organisation – what they best liked to receive from their kids on Father’s Day. The results might surprise you!

Every Dad we asked told us that the number one thing they most enjoyed receiving from their kids on Father’s Day is ….drum roll please… a handmade card. Who’d have thought it? Dads – with their seemingly tough exteriors – are actually quite sentimental. One Dad even described the special place in his closet where he keeps the cards he receives each year. Another Dad said that he takes pictures of the cards and keeps them on his phone!

So it turns out that you have all you need to make the Dad in your kid’s life happy right there in your own arts and crafts drawer! This is a special project so you will want to make sure there is plenty of time to get it just right. You can enlist your babysitter or nanny to help supervise the project.

If you have older kids who want to get in on the action, they can use resources online that let you create cards using your own pictures and messages. Be sure to leave enough time for the card to arrive in the post. Babysitters and nannies can help with these projects too – particularly as they involve using the internet.

It turns out that the old adage is true – It is the thought that counts. And Dad’s prefer the thoughtfulness of a homemade card from their kids. Simple!