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Sep 19

Fall Clean-up: Fun Activities for the Kids

It’s the end of summer and tree leaves are beginning to turn red. This is the sign that autumn is around the corner and the season’s change is the opportunity to prepare the house and the yard for winter.

This may seem like a chore, but with a little imagination and enthusiasm, you can use these activities to keep the kids busy and teach them what a fall clean-up is.

Of course some tasks need to be done by adults and you might even have to ask your nanny to give you a hand for things like flipping the mattresses or changing the smoke detectors batteries.  But most things can easily be turned into fun activities for kids.

A good way to start the festivities and motivate the children is to make a poster with a list of tasks and promise to take them to the movies or their favourite restaurant when all the boxes are ticked.

Let’s start with activities to do in the house. One of the main things to do is to clean and reorganize the pantry. Indeed we easily let things pile up without logic, spoil or simply gather dust.

You or your babysitter can easily enrol the kids for help and turn this chore into a game by asking them to help you check the expiration dates and put things back on the shelves in alphabetical order or organized by colour.

Another thing to do is to swap summer wardrobe for winter clothing. Again the children will be happy to assist you by trying their outfits from the previous winter to ensure that they still fit them.  If they do not have younger brothers or sisters who can use clothes that are now too small, you can ask them to pack them to give them to children who need them.

If you have a yard, this is another opportunity to enjoy the last sunny days of the season by cleaning up the garden before rain and snow begin to fall. Again, you or your babysitter can involve the children by asking them to pick up the wood sticks fallen from the trees.

Not only will your lawn mower be thankful, but also these little bundles will make great fire starters for evenings by fireplace.

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