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Apr 14

Easy Easter Crafts for your Sitter and Kids!

Easter is almost here and even if the weather does not feel light, our spirits are ready for the wonderful colours and creativity that comes with Easter! Most will have time off of school over the holiday and so we have compiled some fun things for nannies and sitters and siblings to do with kids to get them into the mood:

** Put a twist on the classic egg dying: Classis is classic for a reason but there are many fun variations on the traditional solid colour dyed eggs. Use rubber bands to make strips. Use small leaves and petals stencils – or how about monogrammed eggs for everyone in your family! Use a sponge to make your eggs look tie-dyed. And let your mind run wild doing egg figures using construction paper and tissue and markers (Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland and Angry Birds are our favourites!).

** Display those fabulous eggs on an Easter Tree: Simply find a few good branches in the yard, put them in a vase in the middle of the table, glue ribbon to your beautifully dyed eggs and hang them up for everyone to see and enjoy during Easter brunch!

** Continue the decorating theme for your home and head: Create bunny wreaths, pom pom bunnies and Easter egg garlands. Paint colour books that are no longer in use are great for making garlands and all sorts of colourful Easter treats. And don’t forget to decorate yourselves! Whether making an Easter bonnet for your mom or a bunny face and ears for yourselves – get creative with it!

** Investigate Easter traditions and crafts from around the world: In Mexico, for example, eggs are emptied from a medium-sized hole in the top, washed out, dried and then filled with confetti. Tissue paper is then glued to the eggs to cover the opening. On Easter, kids (and adults!) chase each other hoping to crack eggs on each other so that the confetti will flow free!

Hop Hop Hop into spring with these easy and fun Easter crafts that will help your nanny or sitter keep your kids creating and happy!