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Apr 3

Easter for All Ages

One of my favourite pictures from childhood is of my older sister at Easter, hunting eggs and me, her four-year old little sister, sitting next to the Easter basket with a chocolate-smeared face, eating what she had hunted! That is one way to make sure the big kids don’t get all the eggs in the annual hunt!

But what if the little ones want to run and hunt too? How can you make sure that both the big kids and the little kids Easter funget an equal share of fun in finding those coloured treasures? There are tons of great ideas to make this happen. Here are just a few ways to plan your Easter Egg Hunt:

—Split your hunting area into different sections based on age ranges to allow kids of different hunting abilities to all get a fair shot at finding eggs. Mark off the sections with big colourful signs to show which group should hunt in which area.

—Use different sized eggs for different ages. Use the extra-large plastics eggs for the smallest in the group. Use normal sized plastic eggs for the kids in the middle range. Use the smaller chocolate eggs, covered in colourful foil, for the biggest kids; they will enjoy the extra challenge.

—Tie balloons on a long coloured ribbon to the eggs that are for the smaller children. Let the bigger kids know that those eggs where left by the Easter Bunny for their little brothers and sisters and so are off limits for them.

So the little kids and even the bigger kids are happy, but what about the really big kids? Yes – that is you – the adults! It is all about what is inside the Easter egg! If you have sectioned off your hunt by age group, make a section specifically for the adults. Use plastic eggs and put adult treats inside – such as money or tokens for bigger prizes or raffle tickets for a drawing at the end of the hunt. And if you want to be a little racier – put small bottles of alcohol inside the very large plastic eggs. Oh Easter Bunny – you should not have! But everyone will be glad you did!

Now you that you have the best ways to celebrate Easter with kids of all ages, there is only one Easter challenge to address: easy egg dying that doesn’t involve trying to BLOW the yoke out (yuck!). There are many sites online that provide instructions on how to best blow out the yoke and even some YouTube videos. We suggest one very simple away to avoid this challenge; hard-boil your eggs before you dye them. Hard-boiling eggs is not only less messy and avoids handling fragile, empty eggs but it is also a more sustainable as you can eat them after the hunt!

You are now all set for an awesome Easter: You have the eggs and you have organized the hunt. You are in good shape and can be proud. If you want to go even further… get festive with your decorations and plan some games. Our favorite idea is to set up an arts and crafts table and let everyone make Easter Bonnets. Once everyone has a bonnet, hold a parade to show off the results. You could even have a competition with fun awards for most colorful, most inventive, most usual… the sky is the limit!

And will the Easter Bunny leave something for Moms and Dads this year? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find an egg with the secret to finding great help in the home hidden inside? Well here is Mom and Dad’s Easter Egg: is a Canadian portal designed to help you find local caregivers in your area, easily and quickly. The caregiver who is right for your family is only a click away. makes the “hunt” for your trusted home help easy. Happy Easter!