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Apr 25

Celebrating Mother Earth: Projects for Kids of all Ages!

Were you mad about Mad Men, the ultra-stylised TV show centred on an advertising agency in the 1950s and 60s? There were so many jaw-dropping moments! But what shocked me most – more than the non-stop drinking and smoking in the white male-dominated working world – was a picnic scene. That’s right a picnic!

Don Draper (the central character) and his family have a picnic in a lovely lush green park. And then they finish. And Earth weekthen they get up and walk away without a care in the world. And they leave all their trash on the ground. I was bowled over!!! I guess I had forgotten how we so recently and so easily disregarded Mother Earth – individually and collectively.

Whilst there is still much more to do, Earth Day and Earth Week was started in the 1970’s to demonstrate support for environmental protection. In simple terms, Earth Week reminds us to be kind to our planet. If you have not joined in on this celebration, this is the year to make a start! And here some of our favourite activities for kids of all ages:

Get outside and enjoy nature:

What better way to celebrate Mother Earth than to experience it! Take a bike ride. Go to the park and walk barefoot in the grass. Pick flowers in your back garden. If you live in the city, get out to the country! Research destinations, such as a farm, to visit. If you ever picked strawberries as a kid, you know what a wonderful memory it makes!

Create a garden:

Or work on it as a family if you already have one. You can plan it out in advance and come up with ideas that will please everyone. When I was very young, my parents grew pumpkins and so we had our very own to carve at Halloween! My grandmother had ‘moon flowers’ in her garden and all the cousins would rush out when the sun had set to see the ‘magic’ as the flowers blossomed as they would only in the moonlight. A friend created a salsa garden to indulge her love of Mexican food. Gardening has so many benefits including building an appreciation for what our earth can produce for us and the care and time it requires to do so.

Create a Photo Documentary:

Arm every member of your family with a camera (smartphones today have fantastic cameras) and get out into your neighbourhood and photograph nature. It’s a fun way to flex your collective creative muscles and to take the time to appreciate your surroundings. When home pool them all together and make a slide show to watch as a family.

Cook locally:

Plan and make a meal together made of all locally sourced food. If you do not have fruit and vegetables growing in your own garden, research where local produce and products are available. Going to your local farmers market not only provides your ingredients but is a great morning out together.

Create new habits:

Turn off the lights and enjoy the natural sunlight. Open the windows and create cross breezes. Revisit your recycling practices as see how you can improve them and talk about why it is so important to do so.

Whatever you do, make sure to stop and smell the roses! Get out there and breathe the fresh, beautiful air; appreciate the big blue skies and all the natural beauty around you. Celebrate

Mother Earth and all she provides for us and commit to make small changes to help her live on in good health for years to come!

Our planet is sending us a SOS to take better care of her; listen and respond! is a Canadian portal designed to help you find local caregivers in your area, easily and quickly. The caregiver who is right for your family is only a click away.