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May 9

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

Decisions, decisions, decisions….We make many decisions every day. It starts the moment we wake up (what to have for breakfast, what to make the kids for lunch, what to wear to work) and picks up a rapid pace from there.

too many choicesSo we know we make a lot of decisions each day, but did you know (make sure you seated for this one) that some reports say that the average adult human being makes 35,000 a day! That is a lot of decisions. Even if the figure is not that high, it is no wonder there is something called Decision Fatigue. Decisions Fatigue means that we become less effective at making decisions as the day goes on.

So what is one to do? Cannot decide? We recommend (1) minimizing the number of decisions you need to make a day; (2) Actively minimize and manage decision fatigue and (3) Just do it – make a choice. Easier said than done? Here are some ways to make this happen:

Minimize the number of decisions

We will always face a staggering number of decisions to make but we can make it easier on ourselves in many ways. Take clothes for example. If your kids are in a school that requires a uniform, you know the joys of not having to decide on a new outfit every day. This can work for adults too. Develop your “work uniform” such as a series of simply cut suits paired with scarves, and cut down on a number of decisions from the get go.

Make the best decisions possible by minimizing decision fatigue

The more decisions we make, the more it wears us out. So make your most important decisions as early in the day as possible. Go further and know what big decisions you are going to make; any new “biggies” that pop up the day should be put off, if possible, to another day. Limit the number of options you have… choosing between a few options is much easier than many. Fewer options also affords you the opportunity to get better “decision support information” on each option.

Just do it – make a choice

Every decision is a choice. Alexandra Stoddard, a philosopher of contemporary living and the author of many best-selling books, wrote on this subject in her booked titled Making Choices. She talks about the negative emotional impact that can come from leaving decisions unmade for long periods of time. A work colleague gave me similar advice – any decision, even one that you later think was not the right one, is better than no decision. Think about it. Can you identify recent decisions that you have given a lot of your time fretting over, only to feel relief (and a bit silly) when you have finally made it? Make that a lesson learned and face your decisions head on; you will feel better for it.

Making decisions – and a lot of them – is a privilege of modern life but also can be a burden. You will always have a lot of them before you. You will make some good decisions and likely some less good decisions. The best you can do is realize that decision-making is a critical skill set in today’s world and so it’s worth the effort to be deliberate about how to make the best possible decisions possible.

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