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Aug 12

Cleaning Top Tips: Hotel Housekeepers share their secrets

As the comedian Joan Rivers once said, “I hate housework! You make the beds, you wash the dishes and six months later you have to start allCleaning House in Pink Gloves!over again!” If your idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance, you need to read this blog!

Whether you clean your house yourself or you have help from your nanny, babysitter or a housekeeper, following top tips from the experts – hotel housekeepers – can make keeping your house clean a breeze.

Be organised

Create a plan that specifies what needs to be cleaned daily, weekly, monthly or only a few times a year. For the less frequent projects, schedule them through-out the year. For more frequent projects, make a list a spend 15 minutes every other day tackling one project at a time. The routine of a schedule will save you time.


How can you expect your home to be clean if you do not have good quality and clean supplies? Empty your vacuum cleaner and pay attention to recommended maintenance schedules. Clean your iron regularly. Replace rags and sponges before they become too worn and tattered. Use different colours of rags so you don’t mix chemicals which can be toxic.

Open a window

Fresh air is free and powerful. Opening a window when you clean: brings in fresh air so the fumes from the cleaning products will not bother you; lets in natural sunlight which is great for spotting dust and grim; and airs out stuffy rooms. It is also good to let beds ‘breathe’ by turning the covers down for a few hours.

Top to Bottom

Dust before you vacuum or else you will find that you need to vacuum again!

Don’t forget the soft stuff

Furniture is often overlooked but dirt and dust can wear down fabric. Use the vacuum attachments and tackle that furniture!

You no longer need to dread hours-long cleaning sessions or worry about scrambling to clean before company arrives. If you get organised and follow these tips, your house will always be ready to receive guests or simply for your family to enjoy. And don’t forget – you can always visit to find a great housekeeper to help you keep your home sparkling clean!