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Dec 7

Christmas Babies Birthdays!

If you have or are scheduled to have a December baby, you may be worried about the additional stress of “bunched-up festivities – Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s. You likely worry about the impact on cherished family traditions. And what about your child – will his or her special day get overlooked as people are rushing around in this busy season or will friends and family do the “combo” gift, making your child feel short changed?

Like anything in life, it is all about your perspective! Christmas babies have lots of advantages: everyone is a festive mood at this time of the year; friends and family are likely to be in town and spending time together; and when older and looking for bigger presents (tablet anyone?!), the gift combo can be great!

Here are some things to consider when working to make your Christmas baby’s birthday special:Christmas baby post

– Plan your finances so the Christmas money crunch does not impact the birthday party and gifts

– Make gift lists early so you do not lose out on out of stock toys that are popular for Christmas

– Throw a party at school or with friends in late November or early December and save the celebrations on the actual day for family. Send invitations early so your party gets in the schedule before calendars book up!

– Alternatively, throw a birthday party six months away – on the half-birthday mark – from the actual birthday so it is a “stand alone”

– Hold off on putting up holiday decorations until the birthday celebration is done (decorating the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve could be a new family tradition!)

– Explain to your family and close friends that dual presents will not hit the mark for younger kids and that birthday presents should not be wrapped in Christmas paper!

Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays!

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