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Jun 29

Being Clear about Nanny’s Responsibilities

Whether you are hiring a new Nanny or have had a Nanny for a while now, you need to ask yourself honestly if you have been clear about Nanny’s responsibilities. And if you think you do not need to do this because things are going so smoothly, think again. Why? For three reasons:

Over time, circumstances change and what you need your Nanny to do for you and your family will summer activities1

Clarity on responsibilities makes it more comfortable and fair for both you and your Nanny.

Smooth sailing is not always in the cards and when things get difficult, the last thing you need is confusion over who is able to do what or bad feelings about ‘responsibility creep’ that has built up over time.

Convinced? Great! The next question is likely …so when is the right time to do this? NOW! Although life events such as a new baby, a house move, or a promotion requiring different work hours are obvious triggers for this discussion, do not wait for an occasion if you have not been clear to date.

Next, how do you go about it? Here are some tips:

Explain to Nanny that you want to talk about responsibilities so you are both comfortable and clear, arrange for a time in the future so you both have time to prepare, and arrange for a quiet time and place to have the discussion.

During the discussion, be positive, honest and open. Remember that this is a two way discussion, so you need to listen as well as talk. If there are any ‘sticky’ points that you cannot agree, come agree to take time for you both to think it through and come back.

Write up what was agreed and make a copy for both you and Nanny so there is no ‘post discussion confusion’.

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