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Oct 5

Beating the Lunch Crunch

How to get ahead in making the school lunches

And you thought it was a challenge making sure your kids were on top of their homework, had all their “bits of paper” required each day in the back pack and packed the right equipment for sports and after school activities. You also have to have yummy lunches ready at the crack of dawn!

Did you know that in some cultures, the packed lunch can get quite competitive? In Japan for instance, mothers Child making his lunchspend hours making wonderful creatures and creations with their kids lunch foods. Even if your school is not that competitive, you still want to ensure your kids have a good lunch each day.

If lunch is not provided by the school, the challenge of a good lunch comes down directly to Mom, Dad or the Nanny. Here are some ways to beat the lunch crunch:

Know your formula: What are the components you want to put in the lunch bag (such as a sandwich, a salty side, a piece of fruit, and a drink). Knowing what your building blocks are helps you be clear and fast in planning and assembling the lunches.

Plan ahead: Create a list of all the types of lunch sandwiches might make and then plan to out across a period of time say four weeks. If you have been sticking mainly to jam or creamed cheese sandwiches, there are plenty of other variations

Produce ahead: Make multiple sandwiches at a time and store them in the fridge. Yep – you can do that! For example, you could make sandwiches for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on Monday morning (or Sunday night!) and put them in the fridge.

Purchase ahead: Go to the large discount stores and buy the non-perishables in bulk (drinks, canned fruit, granola bars, etc.)

Enlist your kids: Teach your kids to assemble their lunches themselves which is easy if you follow the system above!

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