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Mar 16

Babysitters: How to be the Best!

“You’re simply the best, better than all the rest…” You can almost hear Tina Turner energetically singing these lyrics babysitter playing with girland they are sure are inspiring

Babysitters – who love what they do – work hard at being the best. And they become the best by gaining the confidence of the parents and the admiration of the children. If you want to be the best, here are some of the things that ‘the best’ do:

Gaining the confidence of the parents

  1. Be on time – The parents will likely be on a tight schedule to get ready for their outing so be punctual.
  2. Ask questions – Bring a pen and paper so you can jot down information about allergies or medications, bed times, special needs and emergency contact details.
  3. Be reassuringIf parents are nervous about leaving their little ones, send a couple of text messages throughout your time with the kids to let them know all is okay.
  4. Be tidy – No one wants to come home to a messy home. Clean up after yourself and make sure the kids do the same!

Gaining the admiration of the children

  1. Be attentive – Put the smartphone down; you are there to look after the kids, not text with your friends. Kids really respond to people who are ‘in the moment’ with them.
  2. Be playful – Kids love to play after all! A babysitter with a good imagination and sense of fun are always a hit with children.
  3. Be active – Kids are full of energy and constantly on the go; babysitters should be rested when they start the job so they can keep up!
  4. Be confident – Just because you are having fun with the kids, it does not mean that you are a push over. Kids need discipline and it is your job to make sure they follow the ‘family rules’. And remember, the unexpected should be expected, so stay calm and handle any mishaps with confidence.

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