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May 19

Attention Parents who Work from Home – Nanny has Some Tips for You!I

It is interesting to hear the very different opinions around ‘the watercooler’ on working from home. Some people think it is the best thing ever – you get focussed time to really crank through the long list of things to do. Others think that it is impossible to get anything done as there are constant distractions from the family.

If you do work from home, by choice or necessity, you have an ally – your Nanny! Here are some tips from Nanny on Mother With Newborn Baby Talking With Health Visitor At Homemaking it work for you as well as some polite requests to make it work for everyone who is home:

Advice from Nanny

  • Your Home Office: Set up a space, preferably in a room with a door, as your home office. Working from the kitchen table or in the living room will invite distractions.
  • Hours of Operation: Establishing a set of working hours helps everyone fall into a known routine.
  • Working Rules: A closed door to the home office signals that Mommy or Daddy is at work and should not be disturbed. If a parent is needed, permission to enter is a must. Kids should be taught that the office is not a game room; no going through papers and drawers. Share the working rules with the entire family, and then repeat. And repeat again!

Requests from Nanny

  • Stick to the schedule and working rules: Once you established the ways of working, it is up to you to lead by example. Popping out to say hello frequently or inviting kids into the office for a midday play will cause confusion and ultimately inhibit your ability to do your work.
  • You are doing your job, let Nanny do the same: Avoid undermining Nanny even though you are home and will have the natural instinct to jump in. This will frustrate Nanny and teach the kids they do not have to listen to and obey Nanny.

Now, everyone, back to work!

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