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Jan 5

Are your Parents Showing Signs that they Need Extra Care?

Congratulations! You survived another holiday season! In fact it was probably lovely – visiting with friends and family and getting some well –Smiling mature coupledeserved down time. As you begin packing up the decorations and putting away the special china, you will likely start reflecting on your holiday visits. For those of us with older parents, you may have noticed that your parents are starting to slow down.

As our parents age, their needs grow either slowly or in some cases more dramatically. If your parents are showing signs of dementia or worse, Alzheimer’s, you need to seek professional help immediately for advice and testing. Signs can include simple forgetfulness or more serious issues such as wandering off.

On the other end of the spectrum, your parents might just need some extra help – keeping house, with driving, getting groceries and making meals. Getting some extra help in the home is always a good option. Check out to find senior caretakers in your local area.

It is not an easy transition – moving from a place where your parents take care of you to a point when you need to take care of your parents. Even if it has been years since your parents physically took care of you, there is still a difficult psychological shift. But you need to gather your inner strength and face these issues as they will not go away and your parents deserve your help.

Wherever your parents are on the spectrum, talk with them. Be patient and understanding. This might be difficult for you, but the prospect of losing their independence will be even harder for them. Talk with your siblings so you can show a united front. You want to make this challenging time as easy as possible and that is helped immensely by your brothers and sisters having a joined up approach.

With luck and the right care, you will hopefully spend many more happy holidays with your parents. Help them make that a reality.