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Jul 28

Are We There Yet?

The August long weekend, regardless of what you and your neighbours call it – Civic Holiday, British Columbia Day, Natal Day, Simcoe Day, Colonel by Day, Heritage Day, Regatta Day – is rapidly approaching.

The Monday holiday is one of the busiest days on the highways as families head out to their cottages and on camping trips. If you are able, it makes sense to leave Thursday night or early Friday morning and return on Sunday to avoid the diabolical traffic. Since many of us do not have that luxury, be ready with lots of games to play with the kids or else be doomed to the dreaded… “Are we there yet?”

Here are some of our favourite family car games:

I spy with my little eye

You can play the classic versions spying things that start with a certain letter or are a certain colour. If you want some variety, try I Spy Noah’s Ark where you have to spy animals along your journey or I Spy Spell Your Name where the winner is the first person to spell their full name after spying each letter.

Car Bingo

Each person picks a colour and the first one to 20 wins.

Supermarket Alphabet

First person: I went to the supermarket and bought an Apple. Second person: I went to the supermarket and bought an Apple and a Banana. And so on until you reach the end of the alphabet.

Start a Story

One member of the family beings with a few sentences (“Once upon a time …”), followed by each member of the family taking turns filling in the plot line, one sentence at a time. Some families develop and revisit the same characters over years, sending their ‘extended’ family to exotic locations and on fantastic adventures through their stories.

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Let the Games Begin!