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Jan 18

Apps for 21st Century Seniors

The other day, I was on Twitter and I was ‘tweeting’ with a woman who had some sage advice about how to deal with Untitled design (3)a cat that was peeing inappropriately. I, in turn, responded to her questions about the value of an iPhone over an android device. I decided to follow her and then checked out her profile. She was an 81 year old great grandmother from BC. Awesome, right?

It got me thinking that there are so many great apps not only for all of us but also and perhaps especially for seniors.

“Apps” or applications for our smartphones, tablets and computers have changed our lives – in a big way. Can you imagine life without Google? Netflix? Facebook? LinkedIn? Pinterest? iBooks? And the list could go on and on.

Need some ideas? Need to sell the idea to your senior loved one? Well…. There are apps to:

And so many more. Just ask an 81 year old great grandmother. She’ll tell you!

Are you looking for some in-home support such as housekeeping or help with pets or perhaps you are looking for a local caregiver to help you take care of your senior loved one? We can help.