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Apr 8

Annual Review with Nanny

Untitled designIf you work, you know how important not only regular feedback on your work is, but also your annual review. Well the same is true for your nanny. If you do not do an annual review, you should consider it. And if you fret about doing annual review – don’t! An annual review is a positive opportunity to communicate and build your relationship with your nanny. Here are some things to consider:

Before the Annual Review

Schedule the review with Nanny giving you both enough time to prepare. Share the topics that you would like to cover in advance; annual reviews usually include the following: a review of performance (what has worked well, what could be improved), wage reviews and other elements of remuneration such as benefits, changes to duties, changes in the family situation, review of Nanny’s Log and any documented events. You should prepare for the meeting – reviewing documentation, doing research on current wage levels and ensuring you are clear about messages you want to convey.

At the Annual Review

Preferably both parents (if a two parent household) should be at the review and it should be held somewhere where you can concentrate on the task at hand (i.e. no children running around!). Nanny’s annual review should have a positive tone, with any hard messages shared constructively and professionally. The discussion should be a dialogue which means that Nanny should get to share perspectives and bring any issues or points to the table.

After the Annual Review

If you have agreed to new terms for Nanny’s employment – new responsibilities, a change to remuneration or benefits – be sure to update the contract in a timely fashion and give Nanny a copy. If you do not have a contact, write-up what was agreed and send it to Nanny so you both have it on record.

We say it often on and we will say it again: communicate, communicate, and communicate. It is the foundation for a good relationship with your Nanny!

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