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May 4

A Thoughtful Approach to Mother’s Day

Mom, Mommy, Mum, Mama, Ma – so many words to for Mother. The definition of the verb “to mother” – to bring up a child with care and affection – captures well what we think of when we think of Mothers.

Mothers work tirelessly to provide a tidy and ordered house, to make sure we have clean clothes and yummy meals bigstock-Mom-and-son-having-fun-togethe-11264222and all we need for school. But even more importantly, they are always there to listen to us or to give a hug if needed. No matter how old you are, if you are down or really sick, you get that twinge of wanting your mommy. Wow. That is pretty special and deserves our thoughtful thanks!

What Mom really wants

Designing a thoughtful Mother’s Day means recognising what Mom really wants (or needs!) and then making it happen. Most moms would likely say that it would be wonderful to have a clean house, a bit of extra sleep, a break from preparing food or doing the laundry and the Holy Grail …. a bit of quiet!

Think you cracked it? Does lunch out, so Mom does not have to make the big Sunday meal, sound like just the ticket? Not so fast; think it through! Does eating out mean that Mom has to chase restless kids around the restaurant for a couple of hours? Yep – think again! Maybe a meal in (prepared by someone other than Mom) is the way to go. Whatever you decide, be sure to take the time to think it through from Mom’s perspective so you can really get it right.

And don’t forget the Card!

Mother’s Day is not complete without a card from the kids. Dad or the Nanny should make sure to give enough time for the kids to do something really special – both in design and words. Give the planning and the card the same special attention Mom gives you all year round.

Let’s hear it for Moms!

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