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May 15

6 Signs Your Senior Needs a Caregiver

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Are you worried that your loved one may not be doing as well on their own as they should be? You want to give them independence, but you also know that their health and safety is most important. Hiring a caregiver can allow them to stay in their home, or in your home, and still have that independence. They get to follow their normal routine and you get to know that you aren’t alone, and that someone is there to help when needed.

If you find yourself on the fence about getting your loved one help, here are six signs that your senior does indeed need a caregiver:

Their Personal Hygiene Needs Aren’t Being Met

Your senior may appear to be dirty, wearing unclean clothes, have poor oral hygiene, or you may suspect that they Smiling mature couplearen’t making it to the restroom. Personal hygiene is important because it can prevent everything from skin infections to food poisoning.

Your senior may be unable to care for himself or herself as they should, and a caregiver can offer a helping hand. Maybe they are physically unable to get in and out of the tub, or it could be that they have memory issues and flat out forget to change their clothes or brush their teeth. A caregiver can safely get them in and out of the shower, and remind them to do daily tasks like brush their teeth and hair.

Their Home is a Messy

When you visit you may notice that their home is dirty, cluttered, and that chores aren’t getting done. While you may try to help by doing the dishes and cleaning up while you are there, a cluttered home is an accident waiting to happen. Your elder could easily slip, trip, and fall on a number of things in any home, more so in a messy one. What happens if you are away and your loved one trips over a book on the floor? Having someone there to stay on top of things can make a huge difference where safety is concerned.

They Have Trouble Getting Around

If your loved one has mobility issues, they may need assistance getting around and doing everyday tasks. If they have trouble getting in and out of bed, getting to the restroom, or getting up and down from a chair, then chances are that they need a fulltime caregiver. If you are able to be with them 24/7, that’s perfect. However, if you have to leave them alone for periods of time, or they live on their own, then they should have someone with them to help them get from place-to-place. Having a sturdy set of hands to help lift them, steady them, and prevent falls is important to keep your loved one safe and prevent serious injuries.

You Suspect They Aren’t Eating

While a smaller appetite is normal for older adults, they still need to eat to stay healthy. If your elder looks thinner, or you suspect that they are skipping meals, it may be time to step in and get some outside assistance. Maybe they flat out forget to eat, they don’t always have food in the home, or they find it too difficult to cook. A caregiver can prepare healthy meals and give you peace of mind when it comes to your loved one eating.

They Seem Depressed

Depression is something that should never be ignored in anyone, especially seniors. If your loved one seems down and depressed, it could possibly be that they are spending too much time alone.

A caregiver can offer companionship. Your senior will have someone to talk to, to eat with, to offer a helping hand, and maybe even someone to help them walk around the block. They can give you updates on your senior’s moods, and help your loved one feel less isolated and alone.

They Have Health Issues that Require Medical Care

While many older adults are able to manage their medical issues on their own, there are many that cannot. Some health conditions may require your loved one to have a caregiver. People who have Alzheimer’s, Dementia, cancer, or diabetes may not be able to adequately care for themselves. They may need help with medications, daily living tasks, and more. Speak with your senior’s doctor to assess their current and future needs, so that both you and the caregiver know what to expect.




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