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Sep 23

5 tips to keep the sleep schedule on track, even when you aren’t around!

Your kids are likely thinking about their ABCs now that school has started. Parents should be thinking about XYZ(zzzzzzzzz)s. Ensuring your kids get a good night sleep – every night – is very important. Sleep deprivation causes kids to become hyper active and irritable.

But don’t loose sleep over bad habits that have formed in your household; we have five tips that will help you (and your nannies and babysitters) get your family back on a good sleep track quickly and easily:

V… Establish a bedtime routine
A good routine should be relaxing and should start long enough before bed that your kids have a chance to unwind from the busy day and begin to get ready for quiet and sleep.

W… Make it a SIMPLE ritual
Your kid will likely try to draw out or overcomplicate the routine. Keeping it simple will mean that everyone – even occasional babysitters – can stick to it. Give kids some “jobs” like picking out their pyjamas.

X… Keep a consistent routine
Set a bedtime and wake up time and stick to it – preferably all year long, including special occasions. If you do this, your babysitter or nanny will find the kids are used to the routine and continue with it even when mom and dad are out.

Y… Get to bed earlier rather than later
Kids that stay up so late that they grow over-tired will have a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep, which means more bedtime battles and night waking. Why make it harder on you and your kids? Get on an earlier schedule.

ZZZ… Create a comfortable environment
Make your kid’s bedroom conducive to a good nights sleep. For babies, this might mean removing the distracting mobile from above the crib. As kids get older, make sure that their rooms are clean, beds are in made with clean sheets and used only for sleeping and electronics are turned off.

Get your family on a good bedtime routine for happier and more productive days and nights!