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Nov 29

5 Tips to Best Prepare for Your Holiday Babysitting Needs!

December is upon us and the holiday socializing is beginning, making sure your babysitting needs are met might not be the top item on you list, following are 5 tips for happy children and parents before, during and after the holidays:

Tip #1

By end-November, holiday parties start filling up the agendas creating the same anguish for every parent: where to find a babysitter during the busiest time of the year!

Tip #2

Start preparing as early as possible.  Visit the SOSsitter portal and use search criteria like postal code, spoken language, availability, desired salary, special requests, etc.

Tip #3

Once you’ve gathered your short list, set up interviews and negotiate.  Book all the evenings and days for which you already know you’ll need help.

Tip #4

The sitter will probably have to forego an evening with her friend on New Year’s Eve, so you need to give her a bonus to motivate her to accept to spend the last evening of the year with (excited) kids.  Offer her to spend the night at your place to avoid driving her back home late at night.

Tip #5

Share the same sitter with other parents by gathering your children in one home.  Give her a bonus, organize activities, and gather movies and snacks.  Get themed PJs for the children and the babysitter and designate a driver who will drive her back to her home if she doesn’t spend the night at your house.

We hope these tips will help you have happy children through out the Holiday season!