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Aug 19

10 Tips for Making Back to School a SNAP!

You have not felt a chill in the air yet but the onslaught of ‘back to school’ commercials tells you it is that time of year again. It is time to get new backpacks to fill with lots of new school supplies.

The start of a new school year brings the excitement of what lies ahead but it also means that parents need to get organized to make sure their kids are prepared.

No need to worry! Follow these 10 tips for making back to school a SNAP!

  • 1. If your kids get summer reading assignments, make sure you set-up a plan at the beginning of the summer so it is not a panic the night before school starts. If you already missed that opportunity, check in with your kids as soon as possible so you help them get done as much as possible before school starts.

  • 2. Kids need to start getting back on a sleep schedule at least a week before the return to school: start pushing their bedtime back towards a “normal” time 10 minutes per night for as many nights as it will take to get them to a sleep time that will permit waking up in the morning!

  • 3. Get to the store early to avoid the crowds that are also shopping for back to school supplies. It helps if your child gets to pick out his or her notebooks, binders and pens: they’ll be happier to use them!
  • 4. Do a practice run of a typical school day, whether it is walking your kid to the bus stop or driving them yourself. Review after school activities and in case of emergency information.

  • 5. If your kids are old enough, teach them to make their own lunches. Make a lunch / meal plan in advance – the kids know what’s coming and you can make sure you have ingredients on hand, on time.

  • 6. Prepare your kids for a different set of activities during the day. If your kids have been outside running most days of summer, they will need to get used to sitting quietly for longer periods of time. If your kids have been couch potatoes, they might need to get ready for more activity day to day.

  • 7. Set up the homework station again. Kids need a clear place that is set aside just for them to get their homework done. Don’t leave their homework spot covered in treasures from the summer for weeks into the school year. Clear it off so it is ready and waiting for them on their first night of homework.

  • 8. Set up your routines and locations for all the gear that school requires. Clear a spot by the door where backpacks, sporting gear, school projects and lunch boxes can be deposited and picked up so you don’t face a treasure hunt each morning.  Also? Get labelling – the easiest way to lose ALL those new back to school supplies is by not labelling them. We can help with that! See our contest!

  • 9. Make some dinners in advance and put them in the freezer. The first few weeks of school will be busy but they will feel even busier as you adjust to the school year schedule. Find ways to make your life easier.

  • 10. Talk to your kids! And just as important, listen to your kids! The start of school can be fun but it can also come with anxieties. Get an open line of communication with your kids and encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings to avoid any acting out.